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You find here information about commercial erotic services (prostitution) like escort agencies, erotic massages, swinger clubs, brothels, night clubs and Tabledanceclubs in Berlin, but also FKK clubs and a big account for sex parties and gang bangs in Berlin … - … clearly arranged in categories. We want to provide you a small insight into the scene and explain to you the juridical situation and some concepts.

Prostitution is legal in Germany, it is an independent branch of the economy which is also socially recognised. Since 2001 prostitution is regulated in Germany legally and it is recognised for a living in Berlin . You can only hardly find so-called compulsive prostitute because of the liberalisation in Berlin. Prostitution is permitted in Germany as from 18 years.

Berlin is the only capital worldwide in which prostitution is permitted and there isn’t also a off-limits area. Hence you can meet sex workers, whores, call girls and models as well as commercial services in the whole town. The women pay taxes and they are announced.

Because of the liberalisation of the sex trade and by the open contact with the eroticism in Berlin you don't find the typical red light stereotypes like compulsive prostitution or pimps.
As a man therefore you needn't fear criminal proceedings, the suitor is quite legal on the way in brothels and night clubs of Berlin.

The women hold down self-determined the prostitution and they are acting mostly independently, they trade privately for own account. Many of them work as bargain prostitute (amateur whores) only on few days in the week.

Not all women are professional whores.
Because many of the women also have "normal" occupations, family and children and because prostitution isn't still respected socially in spite of legalisation, so many women only publish alienated photos in the advertisements for protecting their privacy.


There are several kinds of erotic services:

Escort and call girls:

Call girls or Escort-models are mostly arranged by agencies where one can order the ladies  to himself into the hotel or home by telephone. Then for the hourly price of approximately 100€ - 350€ there are travel expenses in addition if necessary. Exclusive models also offer a date for the hourly price from 200€ - 350€.  There are black sheep at the agencies, so read up carefully on our main portal before.
Some agencies offer a big choice of attractive ladies of all ages.
It is also possible to book a call girl as a charming attendance for events or business receipts or to take them to dinner.

Private models:

Private models are mostly amateur whores, so women who only receive few guests in private ambiance. They are primarily independent, work mostly alone and conceive or visit. Many of them are housewives or work full-time or finance the study alongside to themselves.

Brothels and intimate addresses:

The so-called flat brothels are sui generis for Berlin. The ladies receive willingly men to spoil them there. As a general rule these are 2 - 6 ladies. Some houses also offer capacities up to 12 women. As a specific feature this is often controlled also by women  The women are independent who are working there and they have no pimp.

These addresses are accommodated very discreetly in dwellings and aren't a portent of the outside what happens inside. They attach great importance to discretion in the flat brothels.
Thus they pay strictly attention to the fact that two suitors do not meet.
Free soft drinks and coffee are offered there. Mostly one can take a shower before it and / or afterwards. A large part of the flat brothels open from 10:00 o'clock and closes about 18:00 or 20:00 o'clock at business hours. Please, follow absolutely the opening times in the single advertisement.

Night clubs and bars:

Night clubs open from 20:00 o'clock and remain open till 05:00 o'clock normally.
You can invite the women to a drink here and amuse yourself sexually later with them.
The bars offer beside beer and vodka also champagne and cocktails. In some champagne bars you should look after your credit card very well, because sometimes it can amount  to high turnovers here. The B-girls expect lady's drinks or champagnes for your entertainment, this can quickly become very expensive.

Massages and erotic massages:

One receives a wholesome massage in one of many massage parlours in Berlin. Besides, Thais and Japanese often offer massages without sexual services. In the erotic massage parlour there is mostly after a massage still an erotic climax like hand relaxation, however, also traffic and Blowjob, according to offer. Please, absolutely before ask!

Massages and erotic massages:

You can get a beneficially massage in one of many massage studios in Berlin.
Thereby Thais and Japanese often offer massages without sexual services.
In the erotic massage studios there is mostly after a massage still an erotic climax like hand relaxation, as well traffic and blowjob, according to offer. Please, absolutely ask before!

Specific features:

Thai massages:
A final hand relaxation is mostly included. The careful ask for more achievement can be worthwhile …

There are stores which have raised the Tantra to her life-style and they want to attain higher aims than the profane erotic relaxation with their tantra massages.

Erotic massages:
To get a massage from a naked woman and to get a hand relaxation as an erotic climax, can be better than sex which is not offered - with rare exceptions - in most of these stores.


Sex cinemas:

In sex cinemas you can see porn movies and you can get relaxation by one of the Girls there.
Some sex cinemas also offer special rooms for it.
In some sex cinemas you can enjoy sex in the film hall directly.
Sex cinemas often offer relaxation for the small purse. There aren't sex cinemas after Berlin imprinting in other towns. Sexy attendants. The kick with the porn movie in a dark space …


Studios and weird addresses:

The world of the weird eroticism is here at home. Even if in Berlin the offer of weird sex is not so varied as in other cities, nevertheless, the town has to offer something.

Mostly dominatrices offer weird plays, educations, lashings, feminization, but also perverted variants like caviar and physical champagne, however, they also satisfy special fetishes. Submissive slaves aren't to be found so often. Dominatrices in Berlin offer no sex!!!

Attention: Some brothels in Berlin also have a weird offer. Mostly an extra space for weird variants. Some models also want to enjoy a dominant or submissive vein here. Who doesn't search the professional dominatrix, but would like to experience the sex just a little more weirdly, should look around here.

Who doesn't like it so completely hard, can take a look around with pleasure in some brothels or erotic massage saloons. They also offer soft-dominant ladies her services, ideally for beginners and everybody who don't like it so completely hard.

FKK clubs:

In Berlin there are two FKK clubs. In these houses the men are dressed mostly only in bathrobe. The ladies are mostly naked and bid for the men. The best known FKK club in Berlin is Artemis.

Flat rate clubs

Flat rate-sex clubs are new in Berlin. The man the pays an all-inclusive price at the entrance and can enjoy himself repeatedly with the ladies. The most drinks are also included.


Berlin party scene: Gang bang parties

Berlin disposes of a unique gang bang party scene.  There are in the town group sex orgies almost daily where also single men and also couples are invited. Recommendable parties have received a seal as a „checked event“from us.

Street line:

There are few areas where the prostitutes offer their services publicly on the street in Berlin.
According to our experiences you have to handle here with care.
Sometimes it is promised more than one get; sometimes it is much more expensive than agreed. Field reports show that the street line isn't very attractive in Berlin and in some cases it is also undercut by criminal subjects.

The street line not far from Kurfürstenstrasse enjoys a reputation that there a huge number of prostitutes addicted to drugs sell their body to finance their addiction.

Swinger clubs:

You don’t meet prostitutes but only solo women or swinger couples without financial interests in swinger clubs in Berlin. Hence solo men pay a higher entry. According to weekday up to 150€. Drinks and food are generally included . Sexual satisfaction aren’t always there.

Tips and precautions for suitors:

1. Don't ask the taxi driver for a bar or a club.
The taxi drivers often get a commission by some clubs.
The club operator then has to earn again this commission on you.

2. Don't ask the hotel concierge because of an Escort .
He will mostly advise you only call girls or escort agencies from whom he gets commissions.

3. If you only search for sex, avoid night bars.
Here it is primarily to sale drinks.
Search rather for a brothel which has also opened at night.

4. You should take only one limited sum of cash.
Some clubs absolutely accept credit cards exactly in the area of the Stuttgarter place.
In the heat of the moment it can become very expensive here.

5. Find out previously on BERLIN-INTIMATE about the offer of the individual ladies.
With special wishes you should arrange this before.

6. Sex without condom ‚AO' or ‚Everything Without’ are offered increasingly by prostitutes from East Europe in Berlin.

7. You should always clarify previously which service in the price is included.
Cause mostly attainments like kisses, FO or Anal costs specially.

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